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“First I would like to say thank you for the commission work and the ease of communication you offer. I feel like Kansas City is going to be a good place to share a beer and shake your hand for making one of the finest smoking pipes I own.

I have found myself reaching over some of my other ‘high end’ Bang’s and Eltangs to get this Bulldog packed and in my hands. I also want to say thank you for the friendly recommendations in choosing a stain & stem.

I will be buying more of your pipes and would recommend them to anyone who wants quality.


Ben D.
g batson pipes
“It smoked Fantastically!!! I mean almost unnaturally well! Don’t give up on Crazy cavaliers, because to smoke one is to love one. …Your cavaliers smoke so well that every smoker should smoke one! In fact, in all seriousness, you need to make yourself one. Really! It smokes that good!”
g batson pipes
“As I scroll through today’s pipe advertising, I see all sorts of beautiful pipes. Of course, the blowfish always catches my eye. The curvy flowing lines and use of the different size circular panels….But as I look at closeup views of those pipes, I see little details that aren’t just right. Even in your hometown neighbor’s products! I tell ya, Grant, you’ve spoiled me (and ruined it for the other fishy makers). I love my Batson Blowfish pipes. Big Fat Thank You!”
“Are you kidding me!?! This pipe smokes like a dream! I collect Alfred Dunhills and I’m seriously thinking about selling them on eBay! They don’t smoke nearly as good as yours! I don’t know what the problem is with my Dunhills, but they won’t stay lit. Your pipe stays lit! Angled walls? Depth of bowl? Size of bowl? There’s some magic combination of factors involved, because your pipe stays lit! Amazing little detail!”
Fran M.
This pipe really is superb. It does indeed have the capacity I wanted for it, 3″ tall with 1″ int. dia. The wondrous characteristic you have pulled off is that it smokes evenly and coolly all the way through. It is under 100g, and I feared when I saw it that it would smoke hot. But that is not at all the case. Aesthetically, it is a tour de force of craft, I think. That was what attracted me to your pipes in the first place. Beauty, originality–sense of one of a kind, and a very cool stem!”
g batson pipes
“Grant, I own about 100 pipes. I really like the vast majority of them. With that said there is a small sub-group that just have that unknown quality that makes whatever tobacco that is put in it taste outstanding. This new pipe from you has that “something”. I am a smoker first & a collector second. This little pipe smokes GREAT. It just raises every tobacco I put in it to a new level. I know it sounds a bit nutty, but it really does.”
Chris G.
“Dead on.  Nothing else I can say.
Your work is impeccable.”
g batson pipes
I don’t know what to say….this pipe is such an exquisite art piece I don’t even dare load it, let alone smoke it….It’s sitting next to my acoustic guitar just hogging all the light. I am so happy with this beautiful little baby, I can’t express it!
I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to create this pipe for me – I just stare at the damn thing. So awesome!!!
I am very grateful!”
“I currently have three pipes from Grant and they are all three, without a doubt, my favorite and best smoking pipes. Grant’s attention to detail and craftsmanship are top notch. My first pipe from Grant was a commision and he absolutely hit the mark, even beyond my expectations. I plan to add several more Batsons to my collection.”
Chris M.
“Pipe arrived safe and sound. I’ve had a couple of short bowls of C&D Night Train to start the break in. I really like the size, the draft is incredibly easy and open. The way you did the rustication is really new and different. It makes the pipe look like it came out of the old west. Great choice in the name Cool Cowboy. Fits it well!
The first smoke was very smooth and pleasant. The RC pipes (to me) allow slower easier puffs to produce a cooler and more flavorful taste. And this one is no exception for its size it’s a heck of a smoker right out of the box!
Another Great Pipe Work! “
“This pipe is so good at its job, it’s redefining what I expect out of pipes.  No other pipe I own, and I own some very serious pipes, perform like this one.
My excitement about owning this pipe was through the roof and now the experience goes beyond the feeling.  This is a beautifully constructed and excellent pipe that will take care of me as I take care of it.  There’s a lot we identify with while looking to purchase a pipe, very rarely is it an intangible like it’s function.  We can’t find attraction in that regard, but we can admire its appearance.  I’m very happy to say your pipes are both and to the highest degree.  I cannot wait for my next purchase of one of these powerhouses of briar.
Thank you, very-very much.”
Well… we completed our first bowls, with plans to finish the second while grilling out tonite. We agreed that the pipes both smoke flawlessly! The draw is perfection. The inside of the bowls were sanded exactly right and the carbon is already wanting to cling after the first smoke.

Mission accomplished, sir, mission accomplished.

The Gulley Bros
“Grant Batson has become one of America’s premier pipemakers in a short time. He has the distinction having studied with the great Teddy Knudsen. I own several of Grant’s pipes, and they look and smoke great! I think that his diminutive stems are as good as it gets. I’ve asked Grant to make a series of pipes for me incorporating my favorite of his designs, combined with ornaments of various semi-precious stones, including jade, lapis, and carnelian. The pipes are turning out beautifully. Grant’s pipes are the centerpiece of my pipe collection, offering me many hours of pleasant smoking, while at the same time giving me the proud distinction of owning pipes by America’s best maker.”
Fred T.
“First off, this thing is BEAUTIFUL! The grain has tight globs of bird’s eye. The coloring was exactly what I was looking for, also. It really makes the pipe look classy, something a gentlemen would smoke. The horn is also beautiful, my friend. It has a different gloss and depth than the ebonite:) Cornelius Maenz is making me a bent brandy with light horn to complement this pipe! So they will be cruising around in my cabinet together.
Keep up the great work, I’ll be telling all of my pipe buddies about you …”
“Hey, Grant, I just wanted to tell you that this pipe smokes like a Cadillac. I’m on my second bowl and it’s fantastic!”
Thomas S.